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Seaview from restaurant at Masara


There are many restaurants on Anguilla. Before September 1995 there were 71 according to a listing mentioned by the tourist bureau. Hurricanes and chefs have much to do with the existence of a restaurant on Anguilla. Hurricane Luis in September of ‘95’ blew away a few, and Hurricane Lenny in November of ‘99’ closed some more for the winter of 1999 – 2000. However, several new restaurants have opened their doors since that winter as well.



My list of restaurants is not in order with regard to preference, but relates instead to location on island. But maybe you can tell which ones are my favorites . . .


~ West End:

The Dune at Rendezvous Bay … owned and operated by Anguilla’s own reggae superstar, Bankie Banx; songwriter / singer and friends provide frequent entertainment; hearty food and drinks available from early till late daily (no phone)

*Pimms on Maundays Bay … located at Cap Juluca it offers fine dining in a waterside romantic atmosphere; serves California cuisine with a Provencal influence; somewhat expensive (phone 6666)

George’s on Maundays Bay … casual beach bar & grill at Cap Juluca; expensive for lunch. This was my favorite beach before the ten million tons of concrete was poured into what is now called Cap Juluca. In spite of all the concrete, the beach is beautiful and well worth a walk, a swim, and use of their rafts. (phone 6666)

Mango’s at Caribella Beach Resort on Barnes Bay … started by Melinda and Bob Blanchard (gourmet dressings family), it is now under new ownership. New chef and co-owner David Coburn, formerly of Cap Juluca, has a dessert I understand is excellent ~ the chocolate colada; live entertainment Monday & Thursday nights; casual seaside setting (phone 6479)

Smokey’s at the Cove on Cove Bay … excellent beachside bistro with lots of local style dishes; nothing fancy, but lunches are a great value in price and quality; dinner also served; (phone 6582)

Trattoria Tramonto & Oasis Beach Bar (formerly Paradise Café) … casual but expensive beachfront dining; unique Northern Italian food specializing in homemade pasta; enjoy Champagne drinks during the sunset hour, and Pavarotti with dinner (phone 8819)

Blanchard’s … they’re back! … on Meads Bay. I haven’t tried their food yet, but I’ve heard good reviews; elegant and expensive like most West End restaurants (phone 6100)

Frangipani at Frangipani Beach Club on Meads Bay … excellent wine list but menu is expensive; beachfront setting (phone 6442)

*Oliver’s Seafood Grill on Long Bay … sits above one of the island’s undiscovered beaches … elegant and expensive; live piano music (phone 8780)



~ Mid Island:

*Flavours … beautiful view of Sandy Ground … delightful breezes … food is excellent but somewhat expensive; be sure to try their Cassava Pudding for dessert! (phone 0629)

*The Overlook … former location of ‘Lucy’s Harbour View’ which was the oldest restaurant on Anguilla; beautiful cliffside view of Road Bay, Sandy Ground; excellent food but somewhat expensive (phone 4488)

Bistro Phil on South Hill … former location of ‘Arlo’s’ … now French cuisine; I’ve heard good reviews; beautiful cliffside view of Sandy Island; somewhat expensive (phone 6810)

*Johnno’s at Sandy Ground … local seafood … chicken & rice is my favorite; reasonably priced; live music / jazz Friday nights and Sunday afternoons; on the beach (phone 2728)

*Ripples in Sandy Ground Village … open till midnight … good food and very friendly atmosphere (phone 3380)

Pump House … down the road from Johnno’s and Ripples … a quiet alternative to the dance scene at Sandy Ground; mix and mingle in the historic ambiance of a 120 year old salt mill; live music Monday – Wednesday, and Saturday (phone 5154)

Ship’s Galley at Sandy Ground … local food … quiet dining on the beach (phone 2040)

Barrel Stay … at Sandy Ground … French Creole food … quiet dining on the beach (phone 2831)

*E’s Oven in South Hill … good local food at reasonable prices; open Wed. – Mon. 11 a.m. till midnight (phone 498-8258)

Tasty's Cafe in South Hill ... local restaurant that has delicious food;  daily specials;  serves breakfast, lunch & dinner ... dinner somewhat expensive (phone 2723)

**Dorack’s Place at Masara Resort on Katouche Bay … best location for sunset dinner; closed ~ uncertain of re-opening date

***Roy’s Place is my favorite place! Roy and Mandy Bossons have an outstanding restaurant luring the expat crowd with excellent food, Friday’s ‘Happy Hour’, and Sunday’s ‘roast beef and Yorkshire pudding’ … and their prices are reasonable. Mandy is at the bar along with Joan Brooks, the nerve center of that establishment … Be sure to stop and tell them that Roger sends his best wishes (phone: 498-0154)  RELOCATED from Crocus Bay to Sandy Ground - "Roy's Bayside Grill"

*Koal Keel in The Valley … one of Anguilla’s two oldest buildings, it is the beautifully restored Warden’s Place; food prepared daily in their 200 year old rock oven; enjoy wine tasting or a complimentary historic tour after dinner; unique décor; lovely atmosphere but expensive (phone 2930) 

**The Old House on George Hill … across from the airport … a gentle and relaxing atmosphere, Kenny Rogers serves an excellent local cuisine. Tell him that Roger has sent you in to taste his key lime pie for dessert. It should be noted that Kenny serves breakfast, which is unusual on Anguilla. (phone 2228)

*Straw Hat (formerly Smuggler’s Grill) on Forest Bay … built out on the water with a beautiful view of St. Martin; colorful décor; variety of cuisine; expensive (phone 8300)

*Ranny & Jo’s Ice Cream in The Valley ~ at the Cotton Gin … homemade and delicious!! a delightful treat after a relaxing day at the beach (phone 5676)



~ East End:

*Uncle Ernie’s on Shoal Bay … wonderful for ‘cheap eats’; Sunday live band (phone 3907)

**Serenity … Kenny Rogers has done it again! Perched a top a coral bluff, the huge cavernous terrace and restaurant overlook the lovely, less-frequented Upper Shoal Bay. Hurricane Luis helped Kenny by adding more than fifty feet of beach on this eastern end of Shoal Bay. Relaxing and serene; enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner ~ then walk along the beach from his beautiful location (phone 3328)

Hibernia at Island Harbour … has mixed the delights of menus of the world; tranquil oceanside setting for lunch or dinner at sunset; expensive (phone 4290)

Gorgeous Scilly Cay at Island Harbour … a free boat ride to the private island of Scilly Cay; snorkel and have lunch (serving lunch only); live music on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The drinks and meals are somewhat expensive but their environment is unique ~ and Sandra and Eudoxie Wallace are wonderful. (phone 5123)

*World Famous Smitty’s in Island Harbour … what else can I say … personality plus ~ the name says it all; drop in and have a drink with Smitty; then stay for lunch and try his outstanding barbecue of ribs and chicken (phone 4300)

Palm Grove Beach Bar & Grill on the remote Junks Hole Bay on the southeast coast … a popular barbecue lunch spot for those who find Junks Hole Bay; or just stop in for a beer and enjoy a stimulating conversation with owner Nat Richardson … swim, snorkel or walk the quiet beach; but bring sneakers if you want to traverse the creviced coral. (phone 4224)


**I mentioned that Roy’s Place on Crocus Bay (relocated to Sandy Ground) is my favorite restaurant (thus he deserves a second mention) for many reasons too numerous to list. His fish and chips … his crayfish or lobster … whatever he cooks is excellent! The best compliment to Roy is that other restaurants, trying to capture more business, copy Roy’s menu and style which can not happen as Roy and Mandy are one of a kind. Pilots take notice … Roy is one, too! (phone:     )



NOTE: MOST PLACES WANT RESERVATIONS …Use phone or stop by the restaurant during the day and look at their menus offered. Some restaurants are closed one day a week. Visit www.menus.ai for a rather complete listing of most restaurants on Anguilla including contact information, and links to many of the restaurants’ web sites. If you prefer, I am also happy to arrange reservations for you at a restaurant of your choice during peak holiday times such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or perhaps for your first night upon arrival.


On Anguilla, there is always change . . . especially with the restaurants. Chefs come and go and so may go the food quality. If any of you find that you have something to report so I can make a change on this restaurant page, please fax your findings to 978-318-9680 or Email me at: lambertventures@yahoo.com