Saba Island

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Off Anguilla, I have other dive shops that I would like to recommend if you want to venture away from the beautiful Anguilla and travel to the island of Saba. 

Saba (Netherlands, Antilles) is a beautiful, lush, picturesque mountain island - friendly people - Windwardside (at the top) is a quaint and charming town.  Enjoy walking, shopping at little shops, and maybe a climb to the top of Mt. Scenery.  The climb takes about 90 minutes from Windwardside and brings you through a tropical rain forest up to a summit where you will have a beautiful view of Saba and other islands.

Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center is a small, friendly team of experienced dive instructors ready to give you first class treatment.  They do not like crowds, and their dives are catered to your needs and requests.  They usually have their deep dive in the morning and a shallower dive at noon. John Magor and Lynn Costenaro are part of the lifeblood of Sea Saba but all have the experience for those who want to venture into the beauty of the deep diving in a protected marine park.

If you plan to dive on Saba, you will have to make it a two day venture, which means you will have to stay at a location that is friendly to the diver needs and near the dive shop.  Juliana's offers an included breakfast and is near the dive shop in Windwardside.  They offer rooms or cottages and have a pool and restaurant on site ~ also an outstanding view!  The contact persons are Johanna van't Hof or Wim Schutten and tell them that Roger Lambert sent you.

Tropic's Cafe, also in Windwardside, offers excellent homemade food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner ~ poolside at Juliana's with a panoramic view of the mountains an ocean - reservations required for dinner - Tel: 62469

To experience a little variety for your meals while on Saba, Scout's Place, also in Windwardside is ideal for lunch ~ beautiful view of ocean and Mt. Scenery and is just up the hill from Juliana's - Tel: 62740.  The best restaurants for dinner in Windwardside (says Roger) are: YIIK, located up the side street to the left of the Dive Center, then up the stone stairs ~ small, fun decor - Tel: 62539,  AND,  Brigadoon, located upstairs overlooking the main road ~ small, fun atmosphere, delightful hostess - Tel: 62380.