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The waters of Anguilla are home to many created and natural dive sites.  The created dive sites are an artificial reef complex designed by the sinking of nine wrecks that have inviting cavities for many forms of sea life.  This is an ongoing project promoted by the government of Anguilla and through the efforts of the two full service diving centers on island.

The dive shops are P.A.D.I. International Training Facilities and offer a complete range of P.A.D.I. Certification Courses.  The dive shops carry a comprehensive range of Snorkeling and Diving Equipment for sale or rent.

The following is a partial list of the dive sites most commonly used by visiting divers. There are many other dive sites around Anguilla, but more information can be found by clicking on "Scuba Links"


1. Sandy Island: Depth 30-70 ft. This site is noted for the profusion of Sea Fans and an abundance of soft corals.

2. Sandy Deep: Depth 15-60ft. The mini-wall here drops off abruptly from 15ft to 60ft on a sandy bottom. Abundant fish life and hard corals along the wall. Stingrays occasionally encountered.

3. Wreck of Ida Maria: Depth 60ft. Deliberately sunk to create a wreck dive site in 1985, this 110ft freighter is semi-intact and upright on the bottom. Deteriorating due to weather and time it is home to a wide variety of schooling and individual fish. Lobsters seen.

4. Authors Deep: Depth to 110ft. There are several deep dives in this area and black coral is abundant. Large Pelagics are sometimes seen in this area.

5. Paintcan Reef: Depth 80ft. Several acreas of lush coral growth and usually excellent visibility. Large Pelagics occasionally seen.

6. Wreck of Oosterdiep: Depth 75ft. This vessel was sunk in June 1990 as part of the Road Bay Clean-Up Program. It is already home to large numbers of schooling fish and Stingrays are usually seen. It is intact and upright on the bottom.

7. Frenchmans Reef: Depth 10-40ft. Schools of reef fish in habit this cliff edge border strewn site. It is excellent for novices nd photographers.

8. Prickly Pear: Depth 30-70ft. A beautiful underwater canyon characterized by ledges and caverns. This site is often home to Nurse Sharks which can be seen resting on the sandy bottom.

9. Gouper Bowl: Depth 25-5-ft. This site, part of the sail reef system, is home to some of Anguilla's most beautiful hard coral formations.

10. The Coliseum: Depth 25-50ft. This is another site on the sail reef system with a sandy area surrounded by lush hard coral formations. Lots of schooling fish.

11. Sand Canyon: Depth 90ft. This deeper dive meanders through an underwater canyon whose walls come to within 25ft. of the surface. Lobsters occasionally seen.

12. Wreck of M.V. Sarah: Depth 80ft. This is the largest vessel sunk as part of the Road Bay Clean-Up in June of 1990. She is intact and upright on the bottom. An excellent wreck dive site.

13. Wreck of M.V. Meppel: Depth 80ft. The third vessel sunk as part of the Road Bay Clean-Up. She is intact and upright on the bottom just inside the sail reef system North-Eastern corner.

14. Wreck of M.V. Lady Vie: Depth 80ft. The forth vessel sunk in June 1990, she too is intact and upright on the bottom and is located not far from the sail reef system. An excellent wreck dive.

15. Wreck of M.V. Commerce: Depth 45-80ft. Sunk in 1986, she has an abundance of fish life on and around her. She is intact and upright on a gently sloping bottom. Rays are usually seen in the area.

16. Little Bay: Depth 15-30ft A calm, sheltered site ideal for training and night dives. It is a nursery area for small fish and marine life with excellent photographic potential.


Masara Resort on Anguilla welcomes and caters to divers and dive clubs. Group rates are available for dive clubs.